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JNF's Top Apps for Productivity

We hope you are doing well! We have been getting many inquiries recently on how to begin marketing a business online as well as what steps you can take to take to improve your current marketing strategy. We thought what better time than now to share some platforms, resources and tips with you all on how to do just that.


Onlypult is a social media scheduler and manager-- a great option if you are managing multiple client accounts across social media channels or if you want to consolidate your own accounts in one place. With Onlypult, you can manage multiple social media channels from Facebook to Instagram. It does require a subscription but provides a 7 day trial and offers starts a low cost option where you can manage up to 3 accounts or pay more monthly to manage more accounts.

What we love about it:

  • It allows a “set it and forget it” workflow. You input the content, set a schedule, and Onlypult does the rest.

  • It gives you the ability to arrange your content based on what you want your feed to look like

  • You can edit content inside of the program (crop images, edit captions, add hashtags, tag accounts, choose video thumbnails and more!)

  • You can access the application via desktop or mobile

If you are interested in testing it out, click here to get 10% off your first order! (


Klaviyo is an email marketing platform created for online businesses — featuring powerful email and SMS marketing automation. Pricing depends on your size of audience and contacts so you don’t pay for anything you don’t need. In Klaviyo you can manage all of your email and messaging campaigns, create segments and lists based on customer behavior to then target them with strategic email campaigns (increasing marketing ROI). While this is a pricier option for email marketing softwares, we highly recommend it to business owners who are willing to invest a bit more in email marketing that can lead to a large increase in revenue when used to its full potential.

What we love about it:

  • It integrates directly with the top e-commerce platforms, including Shopify and therefore can pull customer data automatically from your store for you

  • Their customer service and intake process is impeccable. They assign a representative who works with you for months to ensure your audiences are “warmed” properly (this trains inbox providers to see you as a "good" sender and strengthens your sender reputation leading to less emails going to junk/not reaching the recipient). This representative also helps you set up your entire account and customize your flows and campaigns.

  • You can send personalized emails based on very specific customer behavior to increase ROI, customer retention and customer return rate. For example, you can send a segment of specific customers product recommendations based on the exact product they last purchased


Mailchimp is another email campaign manager we use consistently for small to medium sized businesses. Unlike Klaviyo, they have some great free to use tools so you don’t have to pay for the software if you have a smaller audience and don’t need as much customization.. However, if your audience is greater than 2,000 contacts or you need access to more tools, Mailchimp does offer multiple subscription options to fit your needs.

What we love about it:

  • It has an quick set up process

  • They offer templates that are user friendly in turn make it easy to build your emails

  • It is a more cost effective option for smaller businesses with with smaller audiences


Shopify is our go to e-commerce web builder. If you’re in the market to launch a new e-commerce website or are looking to move to a new platform, we highly recommend Shopify. They offer three different plans depending on your business needs There is no better option if you are focused on e-commerce.

What we love about it:

  • User friendly and offers every feature you would need for an online business

  • Integrates directly with the largest shipping companies (USPS, UPS, Fedex, DHL,etc), calculates shipping automatically and creates printable labels inside of Shopify

  • Because of how the platform is built and optimized, it provides a super-fast loading speed for websites built on it.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe is a household name and for a reason. No other software allows you the flexibility that Adobe Photoshop along with all of the other programs Adobe offers (e.g. Adobe Illustrator. Whether you need to touch up a photo, or creategraphics for your website or social media, Photoshop has the tools you need to handle the job. You can make a one time purchase of Photoshop or you can select a subscription based plan. The subscription is a cheaper upfront option but pricier in the long run. However, Adobe does offer subscription packages that include other Adobe apps as well as use of the Adobe Cloud (where you can store your projects and access them anywhere from any device).

What we love about it:

  • Advanced photo and graphic editing. You can design/create pretty much anything you want (customize dimensions, colors, etc)

  • You can access your designs from multiple devices (great for multiple team members/devices)


Canva is a great alternative to Photoshop if you need to only create graphics. Canva is a web based application (mobile accessible) that allows you to create powerful graphics for anything from online use to print. They even offer free to use templates. If you need a free/ low cost option that is user friendly, then Canva is a must.

What we love about it:

  • 1000’s of templates to choose from that you can select based on what type of asset you need to create

  • Very-user friendly

  • Free/low cost option

  • Offers a mobile application


G Suite is Google’s solution to everything to need to stay connected with your files and team. Almost everyone either uses or has used a Google service such as Google Drive. Well G Suite bundles up everything the Google Drive offers, allows better collaboration and monitoring within your team and offers more cloud storage (making your documents/files accessible from any device). They offer a free option that has a ton of features as well as different pricing plans if you need additional storage/specific features .

What we love about it:

  • User-friendly

  • Accessible from anywhere

  • Great for storage, creating documents, file sharing etc


ClickUp is the planner and team manager you have been looking for. With ClickUp you can create multiple lists/teams, assign team members, track time, set due dates, communicate, create calendars/timelines and all the other things you may need to get your teams productivity and efficiency to 100%. ClickUp offers a free version as well as a paid subscription that can be billed monthly or annually. If you’re in need of a better project management software for your team, take a look at what Clickup has to offer. You will not be disappointed, and there is no risk when trying the free option.

What we love about it:

  • Everything!

  • Best project management software we have tried to date...and we’ve tried a handful. It covers pretty much all of our needs for project management, keeping a clear channel of assigned tasks, communication, and attachments in one centralized space.

  • They have constant updates and new features that create solutions

Now is a great time to utilize tools and software at your disposal. If you’re thinking about starting a new business or improving your current one. When beginning, it is important to have your business plan ready and understand your target audience so you can create a marketing strategy tailored to those that care about your brand. If you have any further questions, we’d love to answer them. Feel free to email us or shoot us a direct message on Instagram.

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