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JNF Creatives is a Los Angeles based brand management agency whose mission is to provide value for businesses while empowering them to achieve their goals. 

Our commitment is to be authentic, work with integrity and provide purpose in all that we do.


Jazmin began working as a photographer at a film studio as soon as she graduated high school in 2010During her time there, she soon realized her strengths in marketing and business development. This led her into freelancing for various artists, providing them with content creation, marketing and management services. Jazmin always had an entrepreneurial spirit and at the young age of 20, she launched her own collaborative artist studio housing a workplace for all creatives. After pursuing various business ventures, Jazmin began working as an e-commerce manager for a large retailer where she collaborated with brands such as Billabong, Jeffery Campbell, Tavik, and For Love & Lemons. After finding success in developing brands from the ground up, Jazmin started her own company, The JMV. Over the next five years, she built a team who supported various companies by providing consulting, branding, marketing and web design services. While working on a new venture, she met Frankie and with the synergy they shared, JNF Creatives was formed.


Frankie grew up in South Florida and began working in the entertainment industry at a young age. After graduating high school in 2010, she attended college at Florida International University. During this time, she developed an interest in marketing and decided to move to Los Angeles. Shortly after that, she was hired as a social media manager for a marketing agency overseeing large scale influencer campaigns for brands such as Postmates, The Kardashians, LYFT, Pretty Little Thing and Gary Vee. In 2017, Frankie branched out to start her own business providing marketing and creative services for brands. While working on a project, she met Jazmin, found they had many similarities and began supporting one another on various endeavors. After a short time of doing so, they organically joined forces and formed what is now JNF Creatives.


JNF Creatives is a 360 brand management agency that specializes in developing and elevating brands by strategically bridging the gap between creative and marketing. 


We dig deep into brands, determining what makes them tick from the inside out, taking all elements into consideration including: current content, engagement, sources of traffic, analytics, target demographic and potential marketing opportunities. From there, we develop an in-depth road map customized for your brand's unique goals and needs.


The services we offer are Branding, Marketing, Social Media, Web Design, Content Creation and Branded Experiences.

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